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Why Solar?

The sun is free, abundant, dependable, clean, sustainable energy. Every roof with solar panels to catch that power can run everything beneath it + store pure energy for the future. 

Each solar system adds to the value of your home and can save a homeowner an average of $20K over the 30-year lifetime of the panels. Not to mention what it saves the planet in emissions and unsustainable, harmful fuels. 

Why are people switching?

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Save Money

The minute your solar system is installed, you begin saving money. And that savings just grows over the lifetime of your system–which is 30+ years on average. 

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People want to be part of the solution, and solar systems contribute to the future of our planet in a big way while giving back through saving money, too. 

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Peace of Mind

As energy prices skyrocket, it costs more every year to run a household’s utilities. A solar system on your roof protects your family from energy inflation because the cost decreases over time to ZERO.

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Financing + Payment

Bright Green provides numerous financing options with no down payment required, so you can achieve your sustainability goals right away.

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Life Span

Solar Panels have a life expectancy of over 30 years and require nothing more than seasonal cleanings. They also extend the life of your roof by absorbing the sun that can damage roofs over time. 

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There’s not much that can go wrong with a solar system, but, just in case, our solar panels have a 25-year full-system warranty. You can be sure we’ll be there if anything goes wrong.

The Future is Bright Green

Bright Green gives you the tools to harness the power of the sun to fuel your home, so you and the planet don't have to. 

Power Up!
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